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Duncan Field

I write creative non-fiction, essays, and short fiction. I talk with writers, filmmakers, musicians, and artists about how we interact with narrative forces throughout our lives. 

I've been writing my first novel for the last five years, and one day I might actually finish it. Until then, you'll find me interviewing exceptional individuals, exploring the connection between narrative and empathy, and feeding my book addiction. 


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Arts | Culture | questions

 Exploring both interesting stories and how narratives impact our lives. 

What began as a quest for fairytale love has ended in a darwinian, survival of the fittest competition- winner takes all.
— Popping The Question
It’s always a dialog between the writer and the reader, and any kind of successful connection is enough. If it happens once then it’s a miracle. All you can do is create the conditions for that connection to happen.
— In Conversation: Jesse Andrews